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Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, the marketer of GILENYA, has established an FDA-mandated pregnancy registry that monitors pregnancy outcomes in women exposed to fingolimod during pregnancy. Physicians are encouraged to enroll pregnant patients, or pregnant women may register themselves.

IQVIA, a leading research provider for patient registries, will manage the registry on behalf of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation and collect information related to fingolimod exposure and maternal, fetal and infant outcomes.

The findings from the registry will be used to give health care professionals important information for treating and counseling patients who are pregnant or may become pregnant and are treated, or plan to be treated with fingolimod.

If you are a physician treating a patient with fingolimod who has become pregnant, you are encouraged to enroll the patient into the registry. Please click the "physician" tab.

If you are a patient who has taken at least 1 dose of fingolimod around the time of conception or while pregnant, please click the "patient" tab.

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